Repainting your commercial property is a long-term investment in the success of your business. A new paint job can provide the professional appearance you need to attract customers or tenants and help create a positive work environment for employees.

When it’s time to repaint, there are seven important factors for property owners or facility managers to consider. 

1. Preparation

The success of any painting project depends on proper surface preparation. Exterior surfaces should be power washed. Next, scraping, sanding, caulking, and repairs should be completed. Surfaces must be clean and dry before primer or paint is applied. It’s important to work with an experienced contractor who understands how to prep different surfaces, including drywall, concrete, steel, and wood.

2. Weather

Choosing the right time to repaint the exterior of your building is critical. Excessive heat can cause paint to dry too quickly and not cure properly. When it’s too cold, damp, or humid, the paint will not adhere properly. Most experts agree that a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit is best for long-lasting results. Experienced contractors will ensure the weather conditions are right before they start an exterior painting project.

3. Budget and Scheduling

Budgets vary depending on the project’s scope, the types of paints or coatings needed, whether the work must be completed on weekends or after hours, and how quickly the work must be completed. Scheduling to ensure employee and customer safety is critical. The best commercial painting companies will work with you to create a budget and schedule that meets your needs even in the most challenging environments.

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4. Safety

The health and safety of your tenants, employees, and customers is a top property during any painting project. Commercial painting projects typically require scaffolding, boom lifts, or elevated work platforms. This equipment is necessary to paint large buildings safely and should only be used by properly trained work crews. The painting contractor you choose should ensure their work crews are fully trained on best practices and OSHA safety standards.

5. Colors and Finishes

Commercial repaints can be disruptive, so you want your paint job to last as long as possible. It’s important to select a contractor who uses high-quality products to provide a long-lasting finish. Premature fading and peeling are common problems with cheaper products. You want tough, protective finishes that can hold up under harsh weather conditions for commercial exteriors. When painting interiors, select paint products that are low maintenance. You may also want to consider how different colors set the mood for a space.

6. Work Crews

Along with preparation and high-quality materials, the most important factor in the success of a paint job is the people doing the work. Avoid companies that hire day laborers or subcontractors—work with a commercial painting contractor that uses its own employees. Work crews should be licensed, bonded, safety trained, and undergo background checks for your protection.

7. Experience

Commercial projects are more extensive and require greater coordination than residential paint jobs. Commercial painting contractors frequently work in challenging or potentially dangerous locations. For example, applying protective coatings to the exterior of a multi-story building requires specialized equipment and training. Hire a painting contractor with a track record of success with commercial painting projects.

Benefits of Repainting Your Commercial Property

A new coat of paint on your building provides more than better curb appeal. There are several benefits of painting your exterior and interior surfaces, including:

Protection from the elements – paint protects your exterior from harsh sun, moisture, and pests. Coatings with special properties can increase heat, mold, and corrosion resistance. All are important ways to protect your building from expensive property damage and can help improve employee safety.

Improved customer perceptions – many customers use aesthetic factors to decide whether to patronize a business. A freshly painted building conveys that your business is welcoming and that you offer quality products or services.

Saves money on interior decorating – redecorating a conference room, lobby, or office space does not have to be expensive. New paint can cut redecorating costs with a simple change of color. For a more dramatic look, two-toned paint or feature walls can change the look of a space without spending a lot of money.

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