Industrial Coatings

Buildings used for manufacturing, warehousing, storage, distribution, and other industrial operations need special attention. Painting those types of surfaces requires skill and experience in the types of coatings used.

Our clients range from energy manufacturers to food facilities. We understand and adhere to the strict security and safety guidelines of your project. Our staff is dedicated to delivering a quality project with adherence to important scheduling deadlines.

Experts at Industrial Applications

Adam Roe Painting employs technicians who are experts at preparing and coating surfaces so that they meet safety standards and stand the test of time. We ensure compliance with the strict guidelines of Federal, State, and OSHA general industry and construction regulations.

We specialize in industrial coatings applications using TNEMEC brand coatings systems, which are recommended for use in the foodservice industry for its impervious qualities. Their high-performance coatings protect surfaces and structures from rust and corrosion.

We have applied TNEMEC in industrial buildings occupied by Glanbia, Heinz, and Sorrento Lactalis, to name a few.

Reduce Your Stress with Our Facilities Maintenance Plan

Let Adam Roe Painting take one thing off your full plate by signing up for a facilities maintenance contract with us. We offer monthly and yearly contract options for your convenience.

In business since 1985, we have helped hundreds of facilities managers keep their buildings painted. We are a local commercial painting contractor serving Boise and the surrounding area. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. 

Types of Industrial Applications

Concrete Floors

it is design on cement and concrete texture for pattern and background.

Adam Roe Painting can apply a variety of epoxy coatings on your old concrete floors. We’ll transform those scuffed, dull floors to a shiny, clean surface that will withstand even the toughest abuse. Your floors will remain protected and look good for years after our application.

We also specialize in custom finishes for concrete coatings. You can get a unique look with your choice of colors and many textures & patterns to choose from.

Wood or Composite Decks

Decks take a beating, especially when they are located in an industrial setting. We can apply a protective coating and stain your wood or composite deck so that it lasts longer and looks great. We can also waterproof the surface to repel moisture and rain and prevent wood rot and warping.

Chemical Stripping and Paint Removal

If your industrial building has layers of paint or coatings that you’d like to have stripped, Adam Roe Painting has the skills and products to successfully do that. We can strip away multiple coats of paint without marring the original surface. Wood, masonry, and ornamental metal are perfect candidates for chemical stripping. We use environmentally safe products and processes that are appropriate for the particular surface being treated.

Rust Reform

Metal surfaces are always prone to rust, especially when moisture is present. If the rust is allowed to progress, the metal will gradually erode and permanently damage the structure. Adam Roe Painting can apply rust reformers to remove existing rust and protect the surface to minimize further deterioration. There is no sanding required, reducing time to finish and a lot of mess and disruption.

Fire Proofing

Industrial settings often require fireproofing to be done to protect the facility from chemical fires. Unlike general paint applications, fireproofing is highly specialized and requires experience and the right products. Adam Roe Painting has technicians skilled in fireproofing so that your facility will be properly protected.

We use Albi Clad TF fireproofing, which is a water-based, thin-film, intumescent coating that represents an aesthetic breakthrough in fire protection for exposed structural steel. Albi Clad TF is used in commercial buildings where architectural designs call for an extremely thin, aesthetic architectural finish with simultaneous fire protection for concrete or steel columns & beams.

Working in Confined Spaces

When working in an industrial facility, oftentimes the project is in a very small area, which represents challenges. These areas can be storage tanks, silos, water towers, process vessels, pipelines, vaults and more.

Working in these confined areas requires a careful understanding of the safety issues involved. The hazardous atmosphere, limited entry and egress, oxygen deficiency, and physical hazards are some of the many factors that must be considered. Our technicians are trained and skilled in working under these conditions.

Professional Industrial Coating Specialists

When you need a reliable and trusted contractor to paint and apply coatings in your industrial facility, count on Adam Roe Painting. In business for over 30 years, we will make sure your building is safe, protected, and maintained with the right coatings.

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