“Behind An Able Man There Are Always Other Able Men”

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Entry Level/Prepper

$10-$14 Pay/Hr

PLUS BENEFITS (see below)

Helper – Someone just learning the trade. Must be proficient at masking, sanding, caulking, prepping. Must have a good attitude and willingness to learn. Most likely requires having their work checked over and occasionally corrected. Safety Orientation


$14-$16 Pay/Hr

PLUS BENEFITS (see below)

Painter- Someone proficient in all prep procedures and does not need to be checked over for quality. This employee has increased their speed in all prepping, has good brush technique. Spraying – this person is still learning or has not yet sprayed. Must have good quality, good attitude and receptive to feedback and constructive criticism to move to the next level. Safety Orientation/Fall Protection/HazComm

Journeyman 1

$17-$19 Pay/Hr

PLUS BENEFITS (see below)

Journeyman 1 – Must possess all of the above skills plus has good spray technique. Also, understands job scopes and can help keep the project on track. Projects an excellent company image. Understands and adheres to all safety rules. Gaining in speed and experiences. Has run a lift. Safety Orientation/Fall Protection/HazComm/OSHA training

Journeyman 2

$19-$22 Pay/Hr

PLUS BENEFITS (see below)

Journeyman 2 – Must possess all of the above skills plus can be called upon as second to run a job or run a division of the same project. This person has a positive attitude, is loyal, committed and always looking after the company’s best interest. This person is in line to move into a lead position if available. Safety Orienation/Fall Protection/HazComm/OSHA training 10/Lift Certified


$23-$26 Pay/Hr

PLUS BENEFITS (see below)

Lead – Must possess all the above skills plus be extremely efficient. Have a complete understanding of all the job’s aspects, scope, personnel’s skill levels, assist in inventory, manage and ordering supplies to get the job done. Must have a driver’s license. Must be a good communicator.  Must be a good diplomat, leader, trainer.  Must be able to troubleshoot and communicate to upper management when things are NOT going well. This person attends Leadership Training and has a direct line of communication with all the Administrative Management Team. Safety Orientation/Fall Protection/HazComm/OSHA training 10 or 30/Lift Certified/CPR

A Chinese proverb states - 

“Behind an able man there are always other able men.”

When you consider where you want to spend your time making money to feed your family, choosing a company that cares about you and the team atmosphere can be the difference between having to go to work and wanting to go to work every day! 

We offer incentives for our team members to earn additional income based on efficiently producing a quality project in the form of monetary reward that every employee can achieve! We also offer all our employees health benefits.

We have multiple events each year to inspire a fun, friendly, family atmosphere!  Our team has enjoyed a competitive game of Paintball, Family BBQ’s, charity events, horseback riding, swim parties, holiday parties and more!  We truly believe that building camaraderie and supporting one another is part of our culture. 

Safety!  We are very dedicated to keeping our team safe from harm.  It is our culture to help all our employees to go home every day just the way they came to work, free from injury!  We offer weekly and monthly safety trainings, we report near misses at every job site, we authorize our employees to Stop Work when they exposed to any Safety concerns.  We work closely with Safety Fest and OSHA to do the right thing when it comes to safety and NEVER ever short cut by cutting safety procedures and protocol.

We use a simple and easy-to-use clock in and scheduling system so you are always in-the-know about your hours, your expected time pay out and your schedule for the following day/week.  You will be provided a GPS location for easy navigation to your sites and other information to help you communicate with your team as needed! 

Every morning we do a Team Huddle to help us all stay on track with job progress and goals for the day.  This helps our TEAM to achieve the bonus levels they enjoy receiving!  Bonus = $

We are transparent with our positions and the pay that is offered for each position.  We do however, expect that our team members are able to demonstrate full knowledge and grasp of the position they are applying for and have the ability to provide references. 


  • Production Bonus
  • Longevity Bonus
  •  Health  Benefits
  • 401K
  • Premium Wage Supplement PWS (additional $ for nights/weekends/out of town)
  • Per diem and paid transportation for out of town
  • Paid Time Off

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