For the Best Results, Follow these Tips!

A new coat of paint is a great way to update a commercial building and keep it looking clean and fresh. Whether it’s an interior or exterior paint job, commercial painting can be a complex project. To avoid potential problems, it’s important to consider the following factors before any work begins. 

1. Find the Right Contractor

It’s important to hire a contractor who has extensive experience with commercial painting projects. Any contractor you hire should be licensed, bonded, and insured to protect both their employees and you from financial liability. Make sure the contractor can handle the specific services your project requires. 

In addition to painting, many commercial projects require other services such as restoration work, stripping, sanding, caulking, and pressure washing. Hiring a painting contractor who can handle minor repairs and prep work will help ensure the project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2. Make Necessary Repairs

Before you have your interior or exterior painted, it’s important to make sure that your building is up to code and any necessary repairs have been made. While paint protects surfaces from further harm, painting over damaged surfaces is never recommended. 

Mold, rot, pest damage, and any other deterioration should be properly repaired. If there are any plumbing or electrical repairs that could damage freshly painted walls, having those repairs made prior to the beginning of a painting project will save both time and money.  

3. Consult a Color Expert

Before choosing interior or exterior colors for your commercial property, talk to a color consultant. Whether you use the space for your own business or rent to tenants, selecting the right colors will keep your tenants happy, as well as attract customers to the location. 

Choosing the best color scheme for a commercial property can be complicated. A color expert will have a good understanding of color psychology, its impact on both employees and customers, and help you make the right choices for your property.

4. Select the Right Materials

Material selection has a direct impact on both the cost and timeline of a painting project, as well as the quality of the results. You should always choose paint quality over cost. High-quality paint products deliver long-lasting professional results. Higher quality paint products minimize the risk of paint failure and reduce the need for maintenance and repair costs. 

To protect employees, tenants, and customers, select fast-drying, low- or no-VOC products. These types of paints are ideal for commercial properties because they keep employees and tenants safe from harmful paint fumes

5. Inform Customers and Employees

Give employees and customers advance notice before the project begins. Appropriate accommodations should be made for employees who may be sensitive to paint fumes and other chemicals. Make sure that any areas that are temporarily off-limits are clearly labeled to cut down on confusion for both employees and customers. Announcing the projected completion date and holding a grand reopening can help create excitement about your building’s new look with customers, tenants, and employees.  

6. Schedule the Work

Effective project scheduling can help building managers minimize disruptions to daily operations. In small clinics, doctor’s offices, retail shops, and restaurants, paint jobs can often be completed during weekends, at night, over holidays, or other regularly scheduled shutdowns. 

In larger properties, some areas aren’t in continual use, and planning a rotating schedule is helpful. Hotels, hospitals, large medical complexes, and other commercial buildings often use a rotating schedule to minimize disruptions and improve safety.

Reasons to Paint Your Commercial Building

Painting a commercial building offers many benefits for property owners. A fresh coat of paint helps protect exterior surfaces from water and sun damage. An updated interior paint job helps create a positive environment for tenants, employees, and customers. If your building hasn’t been painted recently, it may be time for an update. There are several signs that it’s time to repaint your commercial property including:

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