February 23

7 Signs that It’s Time to Repaint Your Commercial Property


For most business owners, a commercial building is a significant investment and requires maintenance to retain and add value. If you own a commercial property, exterior painting is a crucial part of maintaining your property. 

Reasons to Repaint

Exterior paint can last for several years when high-quality paint is used and applied by a qualified professional. But there are indications that your paint job needs to be updated to ensure you portray a good impression and protect your building’s exterior. 

1. It’s Been Several Years Since the Last Paint Job

Most experts recommend that commercial exteriors receive a fresh coat of paint about every 3-5 years. The frequency with which your exterior will require new paint depends largely on environmental factors. 

If your business is located in a cold or rainy region (like Idaho), you will likely need to refresh your exterior more frequently. Buildings located in milder climates may go 5-7 years before needing a new coat of paint. 

2. Fading Color

Direct sunlight exposure and other environmental factors can cause paint to gradually lose its color. It isn’t always easy to notice the degree to which a surface’s pigment has faded, so it helps to keep a reference sample to place against your property. A photo taken after the latest paint job is a good reference. If you notice a significant difference between the two, it’s time to start planning for a new coat of paint. 

3. Visible Disrepair

Paint is an important aspect of protecting a building from the elements. Exterior paint works as a sealant for the walls and siding, helping keep out moisture. A quality paint job protects surfaces from ultraviolet (UV) rays, moisture, extreme temperatures, fungi, and more. 

If your property is showing clear signs of damage, your current paint job may no longer be providing the proper level of protection. If the paint on your building is peeling, you could be exposing your building to the elements and quicker deterioration. Mildew, mold, rot, and peeling paint are a sign that it's time to repaint.

4. Cleaning Doesn’t Work Anymore

Sometimes exterior paint looks dull or faded because of a build up of dust and dirt. It’s a good idea to schedule regular pressure washing to keep your property looking its best. If pressure washing doesn’t significantly improve the appearance of your building, it’s a sign that your paint job needs refreshing.

5. You’re Rebranding or Updating Your Business Logo

Keeping your property’s paint job fresh is key to maintaining your brand’s image and the same can be said if you are rebranding your business. If you are undergoing a major rebrand, you need to make sure that your property reflects those changes.

Even if your business is just updating its logo color scheme, it makes sense for your property to reflect those changes as well. Repainting gives you a chance to update your image. You can use colors that match your brand to give your building a professional appearance and stand out from the competition.

6. You’re Losing Business

There are plenty of reasons that can help explain why a business isn’t getting enough customers. However, if your customers and sales numbers are dipping, you shouldn’t overlook the role your property’s appearance plays. 

Imagine the first impression that your building makes on a new customer. If the exterior of the business looks clean and well maintained, it helps project a quality product or service. A run-down building that needs a new paint job will likely send a negative message about your business to potential customers. 

Existing customers might overlook your location’s appearance but a faded, peeling exterior will likely keep new customers away. People trust brands that look successful and put an effort into maintaining their image.

7. You’ve Got an Extended Downtime Planned

If you’ve decided it’s time to repaint your property, the challenge is setting aside time to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Commercial painting projects can be time-consuming and impact normal business operations. 

Ideally, you would schedule painting projects for a period of time when your business is closed for an extended period of time (i.e. holidays or vacation closures). If your business cannot close for the necessary amount of time, dividing the work into manageable chunks to minimize the impact on operations can usually be done. 

Professional painters are used to working around the needs of customers and will do everything possible to minimize disruptions for business operations.

When It’s Time to Repaint, Contact the Experts

When it’s time to update your property’s paint job, call Adam Roe Painting to discuss your needs. Our team of painting professionals have tackled projects large and small, and we’re ready to help you transform your property with a high-quality paint job. 

In business since 1985, Adam Roe Painting will provide the highest quality results and best customer service in the industry. We offer custom color matching, a residential exterior warranty of 5 years and a one year warranty on commercial and industrial projects. We look forward to working with you.


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