Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Facilities with exterior surfaces will need waterproofing.

Weather we are working with a new substrate that just needs protecting or problem solving water damage issues, we will are the right company for the job!

Some types of sealants and waterproofing services we offer:

  • Surface waterproofing for concrete, steel, floors, balconies
  • Caulking
  • Sealants
  • High performance caulking and sealants for expansion joints
  • Silicone sealants
  • Mold and Mildew remediation and water repellent/sealant

Product selection is crucial and we work closely with our representatives to provide the best waterproofing product to suit your needs or according to provided specifications for your project. 

Adam Roe Painting, Inc has been providing waterproofing services for the past 30 years, working with schools, libraries, and residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings of all kinds. We have our own lift equipment and our employees are OSHA trained.

We can handle your project no matter how big or how small.  We provide on site management teams and you will have direct communication with our Project Manager assigned to your job. 

You will receive an authentic and quality product with reliable and professional crews for your waterproofing needs!

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