roller brushes with seven colors paintPerhaps the most straightforward way to choose the best interior paint colors is to begin with the shades you love. When starting with the colors you prefer, you’re not bound to traditional schemes designed to fit around a specific decorating style. One great approach is to use your favorite color as a base and then build your color scheme around it. Yet, aside from using a chosen hue, you can also read our easy tips below before choosing indoor paint colors for your next project.

Look for Interior Paint InspirationPaint Palette Choices

Homeowners rely on catalogs and magazines for decorating ideas. The best part of doing that is that most magazines are available on the internet. So, you don’t even have to leave your home to browse. Another great place to look is on retailer websites vignettes. What’s more, certain paint brands offer creative ideas for using their products in your home. For those looking for even more ideas, check out social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Use Color Theory to Create Color Schemes for Interior Paint

Impressionist style artistic color wheel or color palette drawn with water colors, isolated on white.You don’t have to study the topic if you gather ideas from a color wheels. These tools are affordable and extremely helpful for creating color combinations quickly. Simply turn the wheel, and you’ll see how different colors relate to each other. Use this to learn the basics of color theory. And while you may not end up using those exact colors, the wheel will give you a great idea about how to choose complimentary shades at the store or when you’re working with our painting professionals.

Pull From a PrintInner World series. Composition of  digital colors for projects on Universe, Nature, creativity and imagination

One of the easiest ways to choose a color that compliments your furniture is to choose a color from printed fabric. For example, use bedding, throw pillows, table linens, curtains, or any other fabric already featured in the room. Just bear in mind that if you use these colors for an accent wall, go bold! On the other hand, when you want colors for larger rooms or those that blend in, look at the smaller details of your chosen fabric. It’s also important to note that some people take the material to the paint store or show their professional painter, which is very helpful.

Get Crafty with Neutrals

Set of beige, brown and gray neutral watercolor brushstroke smear blots. Abstract background.Just because you opt for neutral shades doesn’t mean they have to be calm and laid-back. Get creative and find a new, easy-to-use color palette around your home. For instance, use neutral colors to create striped walls that add tons of style while keeping a relaxed ambiance. You may also consider using a neutral base color on the walls and then sneak in a pastel ceiling. This is a great way to add a touch of color without going too bold.

Head OutsideColorful Outdoor Colors for Paint Choice

Another popular place for inspiration in choosing indoor paint colors is outdoors. Bringing some elements of the outdoors inside your home is an excellent way to create a beach vibe or environment that’s relaxing and restful. Just be sure to sample your chosen paint colors at most times of the day and night, as well as with your window coverings open and closed, to get a real feel for the color scheme.

Closing Thoughts about Interior Paint Colors

The best thing about choosing indoor paint colors is that it’s all up to you! Whether you want a relaxing, laid-back home with mostly neutrals or you decide to go with brightly colored walls, our expert painters at Adam Roe Painting can help make your dream a reality! We serve all areas around Meridian, Idaho, and have friendly professionals available now to take your call! Don’t wait; let’s transform your home into something new and exciting!

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Enter To Win A Free House Repaint

Enter to win a free house repaint (up to a $2000 credit), a front door refinish, and a $200 flower beautification package. Please fill out the form and submit a picture of your “Ugly House”.

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