Closeup woman hand in purple rubber glove with paintbrush painting natural wooden door with yellow paint. Concept creative design house interior. How to Paint Wooden Surface. Selected focusPainting the inside of your home can be stressful but choosing exterior paint colors is painstakingly difficult. What do you need to know when selecting colors for the outside of your home? According to designers, there are several tips that can help you choose a new hue, but the most important thing is to take your time because exterior paint tends to be a more long-term commitment than interior paint. That said, we’ve compiled the following tips to help you know how to correctly choose exterior paint colors.

#1. Consider Your Neighborhood and Home Style in Choosing Exterior Paint Colorspanorama of a wooden board with a brush and brown glaze, close up

Though you shouldn’t be bound by tradition, your home’s style can lend some guidance when selecting exterior paint colors. For instance, a pastel palette is probably not an excellent option for ranch-style homes, but these bold hues are perfect for a Victorian home.

Just as your home can provide inspiration, so can your neighborhood. Looking at the structures around you is a great starting point. Do you live in a community featuring dominant themes? Or do you live in a historic area?

#2. Exterior Paint Colors: Avoid Going Trendyclose up of colored bright quilling paper curves on black

Shoes, clothing, sofas, and even home colors are subject to passing trends. If you notice, many people have moved away from brown shades and have turned to gray instead. Rather than hopping on the charcoal-colored home wagon, remember that when everyone switches to the next trendy neutral, you’ll want that color. So, avoid trends and choose a hue you’ll be happy with for years to come.

#3. Remember Exterior Paint Color Rules

Exterior view of new house under construction and painting.House Painting in morningMost successful home color combos utilize three hues: one dominant shade and two accent colors, including one that’s brighter and richer than the others. If you’re having problems coming up with combinations, turn to a color wheel for help.

Hues that belong to the same family but vary by shade work well together and create a monochromatic look. These hues look great next to each other, just as opposite or complementary colors pair well. Regardless of what you’re looking for, a color wheel can be a valuable tool.

#4. Find a Home to CopycatBeautiful curb appeal with blue exterior paint and red roof. Nice front landscape design.

After you have a good idea of what you want, take a drive around different neighborhoods and snap photos of color schemes you like or homes that look like yours.

As you’re looking at other homes, pay attention to when something looks off, because the problem may lie in the windows. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make because vinyl windows usually come in white or beige. White pairs best with color schemes that are cleaner and crisper such as blacks and grays or straw yellow and turquoise.

#5. Choose a Color and Test, Test, Test

Cans of paint with brush on table, closeupAfter you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, obtain home color sample paints and test them in large swaths. See how they look at different times throughout the day, with shadows, in the sun, etc. If you still cannot decide on exterior paint colors, ask a trusted friend, or seek professional help.

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