Healthcare facilities must provide a safe and welcoming environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Paint impacts the look and style of a healthcare facility, affecting the mood of people who visit and the safety of staff and patients.

Facilities managers are responsible for keeping facilities safe, fresh, and clean. When selecting the best products for a healthcare repaint project, consider the following factors to ensure the project is done to your satisfaction, completed on time, and meets your facility’s health and safety requirements.

Safety and Durability

Advanced painting technologies can help healthcare facilities enhance the patient experience by improving air quality, warding off germs, and enhancing aesthetics. 

Specialty Floor and Wall Coatings

Medical facilities require special coatings on floors and other surfaces. Non-slip and epoxy floor coatings help combat the daily wear and tear these facilities experience. Emergency rooms, operating rooms, and outpatient surgical centers must be sterile to safeguard patients’ health and safety. Special wall coatings that can stand up to frequent cleaning are necessary in sterile rooms.

Antimicrobial Paints and Coatings 

Antimicrobial paint products help eliminate the risk to patients and staff members by killing infection-causing viruses and bacteria. Paint manufacturers have developed new products that can kill many types of bacteria, including E.coli, MRSA, and staphylococcus. Antimicrobial paints not only prevent bacteria from growing but they also prevent mold and mildew growth.

Low and No-VOC Paints for Better Air Quality

Good ventilation and the use of low or no-VOC paint products are essential in health care facilities. VOC stands for “volatile organic compound.” VOCs are found in many building materials. VOCs release gasses that are harmful to people and the environment. When inhaled, VOCs can cause numerous health problems, including eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and liver damage. 

Paint Color

Medical facilities must be clean and welcoming. Color impacts moods, feelings, and behaviors, so it’s important to choose paint colors carefully. Many medical facilities have solid white walls, creating a sterile but often cold and uninviting feel. Brighter colors make people feel happy and optimistic. Pastel shades help calm anxious patients. It’s important to select paint colors that complement the function of the space.

Lobbies and Waiting Rooms

These areas should be comforting, light, bright, and easy to keep clean. Soft neutral colors appeal to most people and help create a calm and welcoming mood. A creamy white, light beige or soft gray are good options to consider.

Corridors and Reception Areas

The corridors of large hospitals and healthcare facilities can sometimes feel confusing to patients and visitors. Strong accents need to be used, especially at the end of a long and winding corridor, to help people find their way around a large facility. These accents can be used for giving directions and help distinguish units from each other. The back walls of reception areas need to be painted in colors with stronger hues to make them easily recognizable by visitors. 

In-Patient Rooms 

Hospital rooms should be painted in colors that inspire calm. Walls painted in warm neutral colors avoid creating a cold environment. Light beige and green tones can have a soothing effect. Overly bright colors can be tiring and disturbing for patients who spend a lot of time in their rooms. 

Nursing Homes 

Nursing homes and long-term rehabilitation settings should consider warm neutrals like beiges or creamy whites for their calming effect. Additionally, nursing homes can benefit from warm accent colors to create a more “homey” environment or soft pastels to exude serenity and peace. 

Healthcare Facilities Require Specialized Painting Techniques

Only experienced commercial contractors should paint medical facilities. Painting is a messy job, and it’s essential to protect the health and safety of patients, staff, and visitors. A professional painting crew knows how to clean as they work to keep dust and debris to a minimum. They also understand different paints and finishes and know how to choose the right ones for each surface. 

Painting a medical facility is a sensitive project that requires a knowledgeable painting contractor. For painting services in the Treasure Valley area, Adam Roe Painting offers extensive experience in industrial and commercial settings, including healthcare facilities. We can paint in challenging environments, including surgery and consultation rooms, offices, laboratories, and medical facility cafeterias. 

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Adam Roe Painting provides professional painting services for commercial buildings and facilities. We offer custom color matching, a residential exterior warranty of 5 years, and a one-year warranty on commercial and industrial projects. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection.

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