Real career. Real pay. Real pride.

A lot of great benefits.

Stable, supportive, & safe team.

Earn while training.

The last thing you want is a job
with a lot of broken promises.

Let’s be honest, you take a job for the financial security. Can I count on a check week after
week? Will it be stable enough to raise my family, buy a house, purchase a car? Without
knowing that, life can be very...stressful. Adam Roe Painting (aka ARP) offers you just that.
The guarantee of good pay at a good company that’s authentic, reliable, and professional.

Count on it.

Paint your way to a great life.


You work hard, the people around you work just as hard. We succeed as a team.


Health benefits, bonuses, paid time off, and more.
We appreciate and reward your efforts. Big time.


There’s no better way to master a trade that will follow you wherever you want to go.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: You fill out our online application.

Step 2: We give you a call same day (even nights and weekends).

Step 3: We meet up for a short interview.

Step 4: You show us your skills on a 3-day paid job.

Step 5: We agree on position and pay - and you’re painting!

Choose a workplace you can be proud of.

“If you want healthcare, a family atmosphere
and quarterly bonuses, this is the job for you!”

“Room for growth and potential for all levels of work.
Professionalism at its best at all times.”

“Keeps us busy all year round.”

“The owners of this company are
the greatest people you'll ever come to know.”

In a world full of pretenders,
Be Authentic.

In a world full of broken promises,
Be Reliable.

In a world full of amateurs,
Be Professional.

We reward the skills you have
and teach the ones you don’t.

You have the dream. Come join the team!

It’s not easy finding someone you can trust in the painting industry. There are more promises broken than promises kept. At Adam Roe Painting, we pride ourselves in providing our employees with a safe, healthy environment where you can make the money you need, so you can have the life you want. It’s that simple.

Plus every project is new and exciting. That means you’ll have a hand in painting the biggest, boldest, and best buildings in the Treasure Valley. And after the job’s done, we have plenty of company gatherings and charitable activities to make work even more fun and rewarding.

Join our team and change the look of your community.

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Adam Roe Painting is the best painting company in the Treasure Valley because we have the best employees. Join our authentic, reliable, and professional team to enjoy the most steady paycheck you’ve ever had.

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