House Paint Cosmetic Change MoreMost people consider house paint a cosmetic household expense. However, good house paint protects your home. There are many reasons why maintaining your exterior paint job is so important. And those reasons extend far beyond cosmetic:

Cosmetic Paint ProtectionTaking care of your house’s exterior will make it last longer and keep the elements from damaging it. Wood rot and rust are problems that can occur on a home’s exterior if it isn’t painted properly. Paint provides a protective layer that keeps moisture from penetrating into the surface of your home, which is especially important in areas with high humidity. When moisture builds up beneath a paint job, mold grows much more easily and causes significant structural damage to wood beams or any other unprotected surfaces within the attic or basement.

Paint also prevents rusting by forming an impermeable barrier between metals such as pipes and gutters—the same way that zinc keeps galvanized steel from oxidizing in swimming pools; except in this case, we are talking about preventing metal corrosion rather than chlorine damage!

Keeps Insects and Critters Out of your HomeInsect in home paint not just cosmetic

Even if you do not have any pests in your home maintain your paint to keep them out. Bugs and critters are constantly looking for cracks, crevices, and tiny openings to enter your home and make a meal of the contents therein. Paint is a great barrier because it prevents them from entering your home through those tiny spaces. So, although you may consider paint a cosmetic expense, there is far more to covering your home in good quality paint. What’s more, if you want ultimate protection rather than cosmetic coverage alone, hire a professional crew. At Adam Roe Painting, we use only the best quality paint products. So, these products, applied by a team of painting professionals, is more than a cosmetic procedure.

Element Protection: Paint is More than a Cosmetic Fix

Cosmetic Fix Rain ProtectionAnother reason to maintain your house paint is that it protects the exterior of your home from the elements. It helps keep out moisture, humidity, insects, and critters. This can be especially important if you live in an area prone to severe weather or where snakes might crawl through your door. The best time to have your house painted is when you move in (or after any major renovation), so that the new paint will be able to withstand any future changes that could damage it. For this reason, cosmetic coverage is one thing and quality painting is so much more.

Maintaining your house paint is a smart investment in the long-term health and value of your home. It’s also a great way to ensure that you’re keeping your family safe from the elements and pests which might otherwise breach your house’s barriers. If you want to keep your home looking good for years to come, take care of exterior paint by following these simple steps.

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