Curb appeal has been found to have a profound impact on whether or not consumers ever visit a business establishment. Attractive curb appeal can get more customers in the door, boost brand recognition, and improve revenue. A professional paint job goes a long way toward improving curb appeal and creating a more inviting customer experience.

Peeling or damaged exterior paint means your restaurant or bar won’t look clean and inviting, and that could keep people from ever walking through the front door. If your interior paint is old and faded and creates an uninviting atmosphere, customers are unlikely to return. Professional painting services can improve your restaurant’s atmosphere inside and out, repair paint damage, and impress both new and returning customers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Restaurant Paint Colors

When choosing colors for your restaurant, the most critical factor is what type of restaurant you own and the type of food you serve. Studies have shown that colors can impact mood, customer food choices, and the amount of time and money they spend in a restaurant. Understanding how color psychology impacts restaurants and bars can help you make the right choices for your dining establishment. Here’s a summary of how people react to each major color.


You’ve likely noticed that most fast food restaurants incorporate red into their color schemes. McDonald’s, In-N-Out Burger, KFC, and others know that red is a highly stimulating color that grabs attention and boosts appetites. Red isn’t just for fast food establishments. Deep, dark reds can help create a cozy atmosphere, encouraging diners to linger longer and order dessert or after-dinner drinks.

Orange and Yellow

Yellow and orange are perceived as energetic, creative colors and help create a sense of happiness and comfort. Like red, these colors are frequently used in restaurants where quick customer turnaround is desired. Since they are “feel good” colors, they are frequently used to help alleviate feelings of guilt associated with more indulgent food choices. Fast food restaurants, frozen yogurt shops, and bakeries frequently use orange and yellow in their color schemes.


People associate green with nature which is why restaurants with an emphasis on healthy eating options frequently incorporate shades of green into their decor. Green is always a good choice for vegetarian or vegan restaurants. Juice bars, health food stores, and other businesses that cater to people seeking natural products often use green to convey a sense of freshness and good health.


Brown is the color of sincerity and stability. Brown is also associated with nature making it a great complement to green. It’s also a warming color, associated with chocolate, coffee, and baked bread. Coffee shops, delis, bars, and bakeries often incorporate tan or brown into their color schemes. Steakhouses and other restaurants with a meat-centric menu often choose brown as well.


Blue has a soothing effect that slows metabolism and suppresses appetite which means most restaurant owners should carefully consider their use of blue. Because of its association with water, blue is frequently used in seafood-focused or nautically-themed restaurants. The key is to balance the use of muted blues alongside neutrals like light beiges and whites.

White, Beige, and Light Gray

If you have a small space, painting your walls with a light neutral color will help make your restaurant look larger. Creamy whites, beiges, and light grays evoke a relaxed feeling and make customers feel welcome which means they are likely to stay longer.

Why the Right Paint Color Is Essential for Success

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As Chron explains, “the more effectively a restaurant design utilizes color to establish an image, create ambiance and arouse the customer’s appetites, the greater the chances are for long-term success.” Color has long been studied by psychologists and marketers to determine its effect on human behavior and emotions. Different colors can cause restaurant patrons to order quickly and leave, relax and enjoy a multi-course meal, and feel more comfortable about spending money.

Whether you’re updating the exterior or interior of your restaurant, working with a professional paint contractor is a good solution. Not only are they experts at applying paint, but they can help you evaluate different color options and take the stress out of choosing the right paint color for your property.

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