house painter tools, brushes, paint rollers, paper masking tape and colors swatches on desk with model house, supply and service in color shop in the hardware and store of building material.Painting your home or apartment is a great way to refresh the look of your space. And it can be a relaxing project if you get the right supplies and follow the right steps. But the most important step is to purchase the right tools and materials. (Or you could hire a professional, such as Adam Roe Painting.)

You can also find a wide range of colors to match your decor.

BrushesTypes of brushes

Paint brushes come in many different sizes, from very small to large. Buy one that is appropriate for the job at hand. Don’t use the same brush for every type of job. It is also important to get good quality brushes, so you don’t lose bristles or damage them during use. When using your brush, make sure you clean it regularly by washing out any leftover paint with water and soap or using an old toothbrush if necessary.

Before and After of Man Painting Roller to Reveal Newly Remodeled Room with Fresh Blue Paint and New Floors.Paint Rollers

Paint rollers come in different sizes and can be used for both large and small areas. For example, you would use a larger roller for an entire room or wall and smaller ones for detailed work like corners or trim. Rollers are easy to clean because they’re made from thick material that doesn’t absorb much paint, so all you must do is rinse them off after using them!

Drop Cloths or TarpsRoom in a family house being painted

Painter’s Tape

Removing masking tape from molding. A painter pulls of blue painter's tape from the wall to reveal a clean edge baseboard.A great way to mask off areas you don’t want to paint is with painter’s tape. It works like normal tape, but the paper backing is designed to dissolve in water. This makes it easy to remove without damaging anything under the tape.

LaddersWhite staircase on a white background with a copy of the space. Minimal style. The concept of motivation, construction and repair


Indoor shot close up frontal view of bricklayer, plasterer or house painter tools on white floor with primer jerry can in home renovation sitePrime walls before you start painting. Primer is a special paint that goes on the surface of your wall or furniture and provides a base for other paints to adhere to. It can be used on many different surfaces, including wood, metal, and glass.

As mentioned previously, the easiest way to get great results is to hire professionals. So, if you’re in the Treasure Valley, give us a call. If you hire a pro, you’ll get professional results!

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