Metal trailers or other utility trailers used for transporting horses, livestock or equipment need regular maintenance. With frequent use, trailers can easily become scratched, chipped or faded. Winter may be the right time to consider a fresh coat of paint for your trailer.

Regular Maintenance Protects Your Metal Trailer

Doing regular maintenance on your trailer is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend the lifespan of your investment. If you have a livestock or horse trailer, regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to keep it in good working condition. 

Whether it’s steel or aluminum, all trailers should regularly be cleaned and inspected for rust or other problems. If you’re getting ready to store your trailer for the winter, you may decide that a fresh coat of paint is in order. Having it painted now ensures that your trailer is ready when spring arrives.

Why Hire a Professional to Repaint Your Trailer?

You may be considering painting your metal trailer on your own but there are six important reasons to consider hiring a professional painter.

1. Saves Time

There are a lot of things to consider before taking on any DIY painting project and the one thing that is often overlooked is how much time it will actually take. Prep work, repairs, and cleaning can take a significant amount of time in addition to the actual time spent applying paint. Depending on the condition of your trailer, preparation time alone may be far more time consuming than you anticipate.

2. Prep Work

Just like any other painting project, proper preparation is important before applying paint to any type of metal trailer. Quality preparation ensures that the paint adheres properly and is long lasting. Removing rust, making repairs, thoroughly cleaning, and taping to protect areas that shouldn’t be painted are all necessary steps for a successful outcome. Professional painters understand the importance of prep work and have the tools and experience to handle this work properly. 

3. Quality 

When it comes to metal trailers, it’s important to work with a painting professional who has experience with a wide variety of industrial coatings including epoxy and auto grade paints. They’ll know how to select the right products for the surfaces being painted and how to properly apply those products. Professional painters understand the importance of attention to detail and will make sure your metal trailer receives a high-quality finish that will last far longer than any DIY job.

4. Efficiency

Experience counts and the right painter will have plenty of it. That experience means they have the skills and techniques to complete projects quickly while delivering a high quality finish. An experienced commercial painter will have the ability to handle a wide variety of surfaces including metal trailers. They’ll be able to complete the job in a fraction of the time that it takes even an experienced DIYer and it will last far longer. 

5. Equipment

Painting requires more than just paint. Primer, caulk, and other supplies can quickly add up if you try to do the job yourself. To successfully paint a metal trailer, specialized tools including power washers and power sanders will be needed. These tools require a lot of practice and experience to handle correctly and safely. Professional painters have all of the tools and equipment they need to complete a project quickly and efficiently. 

6. Safety

Depending on the project, painting can be hazardous. Falling off even a short ladder can lead to serious injuries. Working with paints, chemicals, and equipment can also lead to injuries and other health hazards if appropriate safety precautions aren’t followed. Professional painters know how to handle dangerous situations and substances and minimize risks. They also have the appropriate safety equipment to keep themselves and others around them safe. 

Proper preparation, product knowledge, equipment, and skill are all important reasons to hire a professional when it’s time to have your metal trailer painted. Hiring an experienced commercial painter will save you valuable time and ensure the job is done right the first time.

Hire the Experienced Professional Commercial Painters

There are a number of important factors to consider when hiring a commercial painter. When you’re looking for a reputable painting company to paint your metal trailer, choose the professionals at Adam Roe Painting. We have a temperature-controlled facility that is large enough to accommodate most trailers. This fully-insulated environment allows us to work in all types of weather and ensures high-quality results.

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