February 18

How Often Should a Commercial Building Exterior Be Repainted?

If you're a business owner or a facility manager, you have many things to manage each day. Your building's exterior paint job can often be at the bottom of your list, but a well-maintained paint job is essential for several reasons. 

Maintaining a professional, inviting appearance for your business or commercial building protects your investment. Your building's exterior paint can have a powerful influence on customers, tenants, and employees. Exterior paint protects your property from the weather, pests, and other damaging elements.

Most commercial exterior paints will last three to five years, depending on the building materials used, exposure to the sun, and other environmental factors. Here are five signs to look for when determining whether or not it's time to repaint your commercial property.

5 Signs Your Exterior Needs to Be Repainted

1. Fading Colors

The ultraviolet light that the sun emits degrades paint. Vibrant or deep colors fade more quickly and may require regular touch-ups. Buildings exposed to intense sunlight often need complete repaints every two or three years to maintain a fresh appearance.

2. Cracking or Peeling Paint

As paint ages, it can begin to crack or peel. Once paint breaks, the cracks will typically spread and eventually peel off. When this happens, the surface of the building is left unprotected, which can lead to rot, corrosion, and pest infestation.

3. Chalking

Chalking occurs when a chalk-like powder forms on the surface of a building's paint. Chalking occurs due to weathering, which causes the binder to degrade slowly. Although some chalking is normal as paint ages, excessive chalking can make the surface look dirty and discolored. Power washing is the easiest way to remove chalking if the underlying paint is still in good condition.

4. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew affect your building’s appearance and create a potential health hazard. Dark stains or black spots on the surface of your exterior are signs of mold and mildew growth. Contact a commercial painting company to inspect your building's exterior and recommend the right solutions to protect your employees, customers, and tenants from potential health hazards.

5. Environmental Damage

High humidity, ice, snow, and rain all take their toll on building exteriors. Most paint jobs can last for several years, but it's time to repaint if the weather has damaged walls, doors, or signage. Once your exterior paint is damaged, it can no longer offer adequate protection from the elements.

Benefits of Repainting Your Commercial Space

The industry standard recommends that commercial properties be repainted every 3-5 years, depending on local environmental factors.  Regular exterior painting is an essential aspect of preventative maintenance for commercial facilities. New paint protects the outer surface of your building and helps prevent expensive structural damage. Below are just a few benefits of repainting your building’s exterior:

  • Prevents damage from termites, rodents, and other pests

  • Keeps moisture from penetrating the surface

  • Reduces the amount of maintenance needed

  • Increases the longevity of siding and trims

  • Improves your company’s image

  • Increases property value

Paint offers protection from the elements, especially if your commercial building features wood or steel. Professionally applied paints and industrial coatings can form an effective seal against moisture and other factors that degrade many building materials and can erode your property's value. 

Painting a commercial building has unique challenges requiring a professional contractor who understands industrial painting products. The two greatest enemies of any structure are water and weather. If your building is in an industrial area, dust and pollutants will also impact the longevity of both interior and exterior paints. An experienced paint contractor can offer expert advice and recommend paints and coatings that will protect your property.

When It’s Time to Repaint, Call the Experts

When it's time to update your commercial property’s paint job, call Adam Roe Painting to discuss your needs. Our team of painting professionals has tackled projects large and small, and we’re ready to help you transform your property with a high-quality paint job.

Since 1985, Adam Roe Painting has provided the highest quality results and best customer service in the industry. We offer custom color matching, a residential exterior warranty of 5 years, and a one-year warranty on commercial and industrial projects. Contact us online or call (208) 306-4240 to discuss your project. We look forward to working with you. 


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