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If you’re in the process of renovating a commercial or industrial building, you might be deciding whether to keep the existing flooring or install something new. Epoxy floor coatings are one of the most popular options for businesses across a wide array of industries. You’ll find epoxy coatings in restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, garages, warehouses, and other settings where durable, long-lasting flooring is a necessity.

What Is An Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coatings usually consist of a two-part epoxy system – a combination of polymer resins and hardeners. When properly mixed, the epoxy resin and hardeners create a chemical bond producing a durable coating that performs well in various applications. Epoxy coatings are applied to concrete floors to create a strong, seamless surface. 

Why Choose Epoxy For Your Commercial Property?

Epoxy flooring offers many advantages for property owners and facility managers. Here are just seven reasons to consider epoxy floor coatings for your commercial facility:

1. Durability

Epoxy creates a strong, protective surface that resists scratches, scrapes, gouges, and other types of wear and tear. Damage resistance reduces cracks and chips, enhancing longevity in high-stress areas. Epoxy withstands heavy foot traffic, vehicular activity, and harsh chemicals. 

2. Versatility

Epoxy flooring can provide an ideal surface for nearly every commercial or industrial facility space. Although epoxy is usually applied to concrete floors, it can be used on different surfaces, including wood, tile, and metal. Epoxy coatings can be customized with site-specific additives. Anti-slip texturing for enhanced safety or increased gloss for a brighter workplace are just two available options.

3. Easy Maintenance

Epoxy floor coatings do not require special upkeep. Unlike concrete, with its fine particles and flakes adding dust in a work environment, epoxy only requires a broom and a mop. Epoxy coatings resist stains, spills, and moisture. Spills are easily wiped up with a mop or rag without the need for harsh chemical cleaners. 

4. Aesthetics

Epoxy flooring is light, bright, and clean and adds a professional look to any space. Epoxy floor coatings can be customized with patterns, textures, and colors. You can even insert your business logo into the design. Whether you prefer a high-gloss solid color, epoxy flake flooring, or something unique for your business, professional installers can create a customized look that enhances your brand. 

5. Safety

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common types of workplace injuries. Epoxy floors are slip-resistant and not nearly as abrasive as concrete flooring. Epoxy can be customized for your facility’s needs, including textured finishes to provide increased traction. Anti-slip and non-skid additives improve safety in lobbies, shopping centers, restaurants, and other areas where slip and fall accidents are a concern.

6. Hygiene

In any commercial setting, hygiene is an essential factor. If you’re running a healthcare facility or a business in the food industry, it’s critical to have a flooring system designed to meet industry-specific standards. Epoxy coatings are ideal for restaurants, cafes, and other facilities where the top priority is hygienic conditions. Epoxy coatings easily withstand the cleaners and disinfectants used in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

7. Long-Lasting

You can expect a professionally installed epoxy floor coating to last for many years with minimal maintenance. The lifespan of your coating depends on a variety of factors, including:

Epoxy floor coatings are a versatile solution that is practical, long-lasting, highly resistant to impact and chemicals, and customizable for any space. Whether you want an elegant entrance to your office building or a surface that can withstand heavy industrial work, an epoxy flooring system may be the right choice for your business.

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