There are several reasons to invest in commercial painting services for your business, the most obvious being to impress your customers by offering a fresh, welcoming atmosphere. Even more importantly, the right paint in your office, storefront, or commercial facility can help promote better workplace health and safety. 

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has long recognized paint as an effective safety tool. At first, the connection might not be that obvious to the majority of people. 

How Paint Can Promote Safer Working Conditions

Let’s look at some of the ways a commercial painting contractor can improve workplace conditions to help both employees and customers stay safe and healthy. 

1. Improved Visibility

A bright floor coating can make an industrial or commercial facility look better and dramatically improve visibility. You’ve likely noticed that hospitals, grocery stores, and other facilities often have light, bright floors. 

Increased visibility means increased safety as employees and customers can see better and avoid accidents. This is especially true in entrances and stairwells, where even one misstep can lead to injury. 

2. Traction

Non-slip or anti-skid epoxy floor paint improves workplace safety. Slips and falls are common causes of workplace injury and these industrial floor coatings can greatly reduce that risk. 

Whether you need to repaint your walkways, warehouse or brighten up your garage, epoxy floor paint can be used for both commercial and residential buildings. The excellent durability of these coatings create a long-lasting surface on floors and stairs. 

3. Fire Resistance

The right floor coating can impede the progress and damage of a fire. Epoxy floor coatings are generally more heat resistant and some coatings can even retard flames. Fire resistance is one of the biggest advantages that a professionally applied floor coating can provide property owners. 

4. Better Sanitation

Floor coatings are easier to maintain and clean than a bare concrete floor. Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean and some even have antimicrobial properties that benefit both employees and customers. Reducing fungi, bacteria and other disease-causing bacteria makes floor coatings a necessity in many industries.

5. Safety Striping

Creating colored pathways, lines, and foot traffic routes with epoxy floor paint can increase both workplace safety and efficiency by preventing accidents. Professional painters can paint lines and symbols on floors and walls to indicate important details (such as where people should not walk) or to indicate a significant drop-off. When people can see clearly what to avoid, the workplace becomes safer.

6. Hazard Warnings

Over the years, the safety industry has settled on universal colors for specific hazard warnings. While no longer required by OSHA, they strongly suggest that warehouse managers, engineers and safety officers adopt color strategies universally recognized in modern workplaces. 

Although paint schemes aren’t mandated by law, commercial painters follow prescriptive safety paint rules. A few of these include the following:

7. Improved Morale

Of course, health and safety isn’t just about physical illness or injury. No matter the job, work can take a toll on the mental health and well-being of employees. 

A study by the University of Texas showed that paint color can have a significant impact on employee performance and morale. Some colors may spark emotions or increase feelings of motivation and focus.  A fresh coat of paint can dramatically improve a work space whether it’s an office or a warehouse, improving the atmosphere for both employees and customers.

Keep Your Workplace Safe by Hiring a Professional Painter

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up dull or dim areas, creating clearer visual cues even in areas with low lighting. When applied by a qualified painting contractor, industrial floor coatings will serve your facility for many years of high volume use. Improving workplace health and safety protects your employees and customers. A safer facility reduces medical and insurance costs for business owners and increases employee productivity. 

Adam Roe Painting provides professional painting services for commercial buildings and facilities. This includes interior and exterior painting and coatings specific for your type of facility. 

Our specialities include anti-microbial paint and coatings, elastomeric weather-proof coatings, lobby and hallway painting, and striping and curb painting. We offer custom color matching, a residential exterior warranty of 5 years and a one year warranty on commercial and industrial projects. 

At Adam Roe Painting, we care deeply about the health and safety of our workers, and we know you do, too. Let our painters help you create a healthier and safer working environment. Call us at (208) 323-8443 to discuss your needs and schedule an estimate. 

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