When was the last time you had your commercial building painted? Is the interior or exterior of the building fading, chipped, or peeling? If it’s been a few years since it was painted, the answer is likely a resounding YES. 

How would you feel about doing business with a company whose premises looked worn and dull? Wouldn’t that give you the impression that they don’t care about details or making a good impression? Your best bet on putting your best foot forward is to have your building repainted. It shows you care about details.

Reasons to Repaint

There are many reasons to have your commercial property repainted. Beyond improving its appearance, a new coat of paint can protect the surface and provide other advantages. 

1. Maintain Value

Keeping your building painted can preserve its market value. A properly maintained building is worth more on the market than one that has fallen into disrepair. That includes having paint that is chipping or fading. 

If you plan on selling your commercial building, it’s important to have it painted to get top dollar. If you lease space in the building, you will retain and attract more tenants if you keep it in good repair and looking great.

2. Increase Foot Traffic

Most of us are more attracted to a building that is well-kept than one that looks rundown. If you want to draw more customers to your property, their first impression matters. If the exterior needs repainting, customers may walk away. 

If they do enter the building and find the interior looks dull or drab, or there are nicks and marks on the walls, they may not stay long. If your business is retail, dining, hospitality, or another entity trying to lure customers in to stay and buy, it will impact your bottom line. 

3. Make a Good Impression

Even if you’re not in the business of getting paying customers, you have a reputation to uphold. Passersby should be pleased when they walk or drive past your building. If your building is attractive, clean, and well maintained, you will better meet the expectations of the surrounding neighborhood and community.

4. Prevent Damage

Paint is not only for aesthetic purposes. Keeping exterior siding and trim painted can protect and seal them from damage caused by weather, moisture, mold, and insect infestation. Keeping it painted will extend the lifespan of the materials. 

5. Improve Employee Morale and Productivity

No one wants to work in a building that’s dull and drab. If the walls are dirty, paint peeling, or painted a bland color, it doesn’t do much for promoting a productive work environment. 

A fresh coat of paint in carefully chosen colors can go a long way in energizing the workplace. Here are some different paint colors and the effects they have on mood.

6. Rebrand or Change

If your business has reorganized or changed its focus, the logo and brand colors and design may have also changed. You’ll need to repaint your building to signify those changes. Perhaps you’ve purchased a company and want to display a new front to the public. Get a fresh start with a facelift on the building. 

7. Meet Regulatory Requirements

Older buildings built prior to 1978 may still have lead in the paint. They need special care and attention to eliminate the hazards that lead paint produces. You’ll need a painting contractor who is experienced and certified in lead paint removal to do the job.

There may also be other local and federal regulations that control the maintenance schedule of commercial buildings. If so, you’ll need to adhere to those regulations with your painting frequency. 

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