If you own a commercial building for your business or as a rental, exterior painting is a crucial element of maintaining your property. Paint protects your building from the elements but it’s also a large part of the first impression potential customers have of your business. Along with attractive signage and landscaping, a fresh coat of paint can improve the curb appeal of any commercial property.

The Color of Your Building Matters

The color you choose for the exterior of your building should complement your brand. Large corporations understand the power of color and use it to establish brand recognition. The right exterior paint colors can help any business owner – large or small – create a positive impression and make their business memorable to both new and existing customers.

Here are seven important factors to consider when selecting an exterior paint color for your commercial building:

1. Your Ideal Customer

When you’re painting the exterior of your business, it’s important to choose a color scheme that appeals to your primary customer type and target demographic. In general, younger people are attracted to bolder colors while more mature customers often find muted and neutral colors more appealing. 

There’s also evidence to suggest that men and women perceive colors differently. Make sure you consider how color affects your ideal customer before choosing colors for your business.

2. Type of Business

It’s well established that people associate colors with different emotions and feelings. An office building needs different color associations than a restaurant or bakery. For a commercial building that will house several different types of businesses, choosing a neutral color palette will attract more tenants than bold or unusual color combinations. 

3. The Environment

Your environment is an important factor when choosing exterior paint colors for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Vivid blues, bright corals, or pale pinks look great in a sunny coastal setting but may look out of place in a snowy, mountainous area. In areas with bright year-round sunshine, many property owners avoid dark or saturated colors which fade quickly and absorb heat, increasing cooling costs. 

4. Size of Building 

Given that many commercial buildings are very large, your color selection must take that into consideration. If you want your commercial building to have a professional and approachable appearance, a neutral color palette is often the best choice. Neutral colors have a timeless look and blend easily with surrounding buildings. You can use a bolder accent color for doors, trim, and other architectural details to provide contrast.

5. Architecture 

Each building style has a distinct look that lends itself toward different color palettes. For a classic look, choose colors that are appropriate for the architecture of the building. If your building is in an area of historic significance, color options may be limited to those approved by local governing bodies or historical societies. 

6. Surrounding Area

Roofing, landscaping, sidewalks, and other exterior elements are often difficult and expensive to change. It’s important to select an exterior paint color that complements the colors of these elements. 

You should also consider neighboring buildings. You want your property to stand out, but if everything around you is painted in neutral colors, you may want to avoid anything too bright. Straying too far from the established color schemes in the surrounding area will risk making your building look like an eyesore.

7. Color Psychology

Color psychology is less a scientific term than a marketing one. Marketing experts have long recognized the power of color in branding. Colors impact mood, perception, and purchasing decisions. Interior paint colors have even been shown to impact employee productivity. Aligning your exterior paint color with your logo and other marketing materials creates consistency and helps make your business memorable.

Test Before You Commit

Sample cards and paint chips will give you an idea of what you like but you shouldn’t rely on them to make your final decision. The surface of your building, lighting and other factors can change how a color looks. Always paint a large test patch and observe it at different times of day to see how sunlight affects it. 

If you’re struggling to select the right exterior colors for your commercial property, a professional painting contractor can help. They have likely painted hundreds of commercial properties and can help select colors that work best for your building and your business. 

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