Warehouses and other industrial properties receive far more exposure to harsh conditions than other businesses. Industrial paints and coatings serve several essential functions, and when they start to show wear, your building may be at risk. If your commercial warehouse hasn’t been painted in several years or is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, it may be time to consider an update.

Why Is Repainting Your Warehouse Important?

1. To Enhance Safety

Many commercial properties, such as warehouses and factories, have specific OSHA regulations and undergo regular safety inspections. Slip and fall accidents are common and are preventable with improved safety markings and anti-slip coatings. Updated paints and coatings can also prevent mold and mildew formation and growth, a health hazard for employees with respiratory issues. A safer facility reduces medical and insurance costs for business owners and increases employee productivity. 

2. To Prevent Deterioration

The exterior of any building receives daily exposure to heat, moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can contribute to wear and tear. The constant exposure of oxygen and water to steel and other materials that contain iron forms rust. Industrial coatings help protect both interior and exterior surfaces from deterioration. Correctly prepped and painted interior walls act as a barrier against water intrusion. 

3. To Improve Efficiency and Productivity

In today’s economy, all businesses try to achieve more with less. Warehouse painting can improve work productivity by being clean and organized. Floor markings improve traffic flow and help prevent accidents. Choosing the right paint colors has been shown to enhance employees’ productivity, motivation, and morale. Freshly painted interiors help create a pleasant, welcoming environment for employees and show that you care about their well-being.

4. To Improve Maintenance and Sanitation

When paint peels and fades, it loses the protective layer that guards against the adverse effects of chemicals, high temperatures, and UV rays. Freshly painted surfaces are easier to clean and make regular maintenance more manageable. Industrial coatings repel water and hold up against harsh cleaning agents. Selecting a suitable industrial floor coating makes it easier to keep a commercial property sanitized and protects the health and safety of both employees and customers.

5. To Project a Professional Image

First impressions count no matter what type of business you run. Even if your facility doesn’t have hundreds of customers walking through its doors, you have a reputation to uphold. Your potential clients’ and employees’ first impression of your business is often determined by how well you maintain your property’s exterior. Updating your exterior with a fresh coat of paint enhances curb appeal and projects a positive image.

6. To Meet Regulatory and Safety Requirements

The USA banned lead paint in 1978 due to its well-documented health hazards. However, lead paint is still present in older residential and commercial buildings, sometimes under layers of newer paint. Paint in good condition isn’t a hazard, but peeling, chipping, or damp paint requires immediate attention. Depending on the type of business you operate, it may be necessary to strip any remaining lead paint and hire a commercial painting contractor to replace it with a safe, non-toxic product.

When Is It Time to Repaint?

Exterior paint can last for several years when high-quality paint is used and applied by a professional painter. Most experts recommend that commercial exteriors receive a fresh coat of paint every 3-5 years. The frequency with which your exterior surfaces will require new paint depends mainly on environmental factors. In busy warehouses and manufacturing facilities, interior spaces often need to be repainted more frequently based on the wear and tear they receive.

There are numerous signs that it’s time to repaint your commercial property. Fading or peeling paint, visible mold or mildew damage, and hard-to-maintain surfaces are just a few indications that it may be time to update your facility’s paints and coatings. When applied by a qualified painting contractor, industrial paints and coatings will serve your facility for many years of high volume use.

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