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4 Ways to Clean Paint Rollers & Paintbrushes Today


Flat lay composition with paint cans, decorator tools and space for text on color backgroundIf you have ever painted a room, chances are good that you know the importance of keeping your painting tools clean. If they are not clean, they will leave streaks or lines on your walls when the paint dries. That is no good! But cleaning them before the paint dries is easy to do with a few simple tactics.

Clean to Keep Painting Equipment in Good Shape

If you don’t clean your rollers and brushes, the paint will be hard to remove and could damage them. Cleaning with soap and water is the best option for removing stubborn stains from tools that will still be used again.

1. Rinse Brushes with a Liquid Cleanser or SolventPainter brush sponge paint rollers cleaning gloves hands in water

To clean your brush in the sink, use warm water and rinse under running water until the water runs clear. Do not use harsh cleaners or solvents on your paintbrushes because they can damage them. If you are worried about getting paint out of your brush after it is dry, just put some warm water on it and massage the bristles gently back and forth with your fingers until they’re soft again (but don’t squeeze them hard—you will break them).

2. Clean Rollers by Washing with Warm Water and Detergent or Solvent

Cleaning Paint Rollers and Paint Brushes


When cleaning rollers, use warm water and a mild soap. Hot water can dry out the roller’s paint-holding capacity. Likewise, harsh chemicals and solvents should also be avoided as they can damage the material of your roller and affect its ability to hold paint. While you want to make sure that you don’t use too much soap when washing your roller (as this may cause it to swell), don’t soak it in the water either; just wet it thoroughly enough so that any dried-on paint can be easily removed by hand. After washing with soap or solvent, simply wipe off excess liquid with a cloth before air drying completely. Then store them upright in an airtight container until ready for use again!

3. Use Paint Thinner to Dried Oil-Based Paint

  • Use a small amount of paint thinner and apply it to the roller with a small brush.Cleaning Paint Rollers and Paint Brushes
  • Let the thinner sit for several minutes before you wipe off with a dry rag or paper towel (if you are worried about your hands, wear gloves).

4. Use Fabric Softener to Clean Dried Latex Paint

For dried latex paint, use a few drops of fabric softener in a bucket of warm water. Soak the roller for about an hour, and then remove it from the bucket. Wipe off the excess water with a cloth and let it dry overnight before using again.

Save Time and Money when it Comes to Cleaning Brushes and Rollers

  • For brushes, you can use a solvent or detergent to clean them.
  • Rinse brushes with water before putting them away. This will help prevent mold and mildew growth on your brushes.
  • Clean rollers with warm water, then dry thoroughly before storing them in a clean container (like an old coffee can) until you’re ready to use them again.
  • Use paint thinner to remove dried oil-based paint from rollers; this works best if the paint hasn’t fully dried yet. You can also try using fabric softener instead of thinner if your roller is not completely covered in hardened oil-based paint; just spray it on, let sit for about 20 minutes, rinse and then repeat, if necessary, until all traces of color are gone from your tool!

Now that you know how to clean paint rollers and brushes, you’ll be able to save time and money on your next house painting job. With these tips, you can keep your tools in good shape for years to come.

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